For many years Ferrari has been managed in a very reserved way in México, as with many other dealers around the world, only select customers and guests attend their events behind closed doors. Fortunately, after years of dealing with press and a broader audience, we started seeing more and more of their events and presentations.

México is a great market for rare vehicles, not your average red 458 which of course sells quite well, but more like an Enzo and a green 599 GT0 under the same roof. Collectors are known for having the rarest of the rarest Ferraris from all over the world, with a man having not one but three 250 GTOs on his name, just to name an example.

While these beasts are rarely seen, there is a huge fanbase for the brand and its heritage, represented by an Official Ferrari Owners Club made up of all kinds of owners who use their vehicles for what they were made: driving. This means you get to hear from time to time a nice caravan of ~50 vehicles shamelessly exceeding the highway speed limits, as well as witnessing them all reunited at the racetrack.

For 2016, the Festival Ferrari México was planned right after their Corso Pilota driving school, which meant some of the vehicles that were used and abused by the owners didn’t attend the Festival, but some different ones were brought instead. If you haven’t watched the video, please do so; it’s worth it.

During the weekend, everything from a 512 TR to a pair of LaFerraris showed up, and best of all: we were there! You may have read earlier entries on this same event, which hasn’t changed much, and it’s focused on the enjoyment of the vehicles on track: the high pitched sounds, speeding sensations, that particular smell of heated rubber and even the soreness that comes by the end of the day after countless laps around the Hermanos Rodríguez circuit.

Pirelli had set up a truck with a Formula car and some simulators which were used to lap around the most famous racetracks aboard any desired Ferrari; some other partners were present too, like Santander with a full scale F1 model and a karting circuit at the back of the pit boxes. One of the highlights of the event -even more than the great Ferrari vehicles- was the food, which was cazuelas with different dishes prepared on the spot, which included hand made tortillas, a treat you can’t really comprehend until you’ve eaten real Mexican food. True luxury I tell you.

After a day of adrenalin and countless dead tires, we got to see really nice examples of the brand’s vehicles and got the chance of being present in what a decade ago used to be one of he most extravagant yet under the radar car meetings in the country. The extravagance is still here, but now in a more open and friendly way.

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