We spotted a set of interesting photos recently showing a Ferrari 599 GTO in Mexico with a series of modified parts from the 599XX. It looks as though the parts were fitted after the owner took delivery of the vehicle. It’s the only 599 GTO we know of that has been upgraded in such a way!

The pictures come from a poster over at Luxury4Play and Daniel Palestino. Starting at the front of the car, the hood and fenders have been replaced with 599XX parts. They feature tripple air intakes on either side of the rood rather than the double ones found on the GTO. They are complemented by the 599XX fenders that also feature the tripple air intakes. Evidently, this is an aftermarket modification as it retains the central crease that runs down the middle of the hood. A design feature the GTO doesn’t share with the 599XX.

This car retains the same wing wing mirrors and wheels as the GTO, but adds the unique side spoilers found on the 599XX. A carbon fiber trim has also been added to the side wheel air vent. At the rear, the only modification is a subtle carbon fiber spoiler extension.

The whole car gets a distinctive colour scheme too. The matte green colour is used as a base layer and a matte black srtipe runs along the middle of the car. At the front this breaks away to cover the whole front bumper.

Take a look at the pictures in the gallery above and let us know what you think!

[Photo via Daniel Palestino]

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  1. Hello gtspirit friends, I´m a mexican follower of ur website, sadly I noticed today on your article that your website stole my pictures of the 599 GTO from my flickr without my permission or without giving me proper photo credit on your article. Actually my water mark i use was erased.

    This are the links of the pictures.



    Contact me on [email protected]

  2. This is a very similar paint scheme to the team Gomez car that was in the 2006 gumball rally. Is it possible that this is the same person preparing for the 2012 rally?

  3. This car was sold as it is in the pictures by Ferrari Polanco, in Mexico City. No after sale modifications were made to it. By the way… it looks amazing!!

  4. It’s the optional GTO track aero pack available as an option.
    Not homologated for road use is why many owners have only fitted for track work.


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