This time our Photo Of The Day belongs to a very special vehicle, the VUHL 05: a Mexican made ultra lightweight supercar that looks simply stunning while it poses next to an old school Boeing. With a power to weight ratio of 410 bhp/ton, this car is a true track toy; thanks to its 2.0 turbocharged engine mated to a manual gearbox, the sensation are those of a racecar. It is capable of a 0-100 kph time of 3.7 seconds without losing the ability to withstand the normal city commute if needed, as we reported on our in depth review some months back.

From the beginning, the car has been involved in an extravagant racing lifestyle thematic, being unveiled at the RAC in London by the hand of no other than Sir Stirling Moss, to then be publicly unveiled at the 2013 Goodwood FoS. As we published earlier this year, VUHL Automotive has an uprated version of their 05 model to be publicly presented at this year’s Goodwood FoS with undisclosed details on what the changes are and how they affect the dynamics and looks.


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