Chinese automaker Qiant first took the wraps off the ‘first’ Chinese supercar back in 2014. The Qiantu K50 made name for itself as being the first Chinese supercar, but also because of its electric powertrain. The Qiantu K50 is now back at the Beijing Motor Show in an open-top version.

At last year’s Shanghai Motor Show we visited a special Qiantu K50 Event and got a closer look of the all-electric Chinese supercar. At the event there were three different specifications of the Chinese supercar to be admired.

For this year’s Auto China, the coupé version of the K50 is shown as a production car for the first time. The company behind the Chinese supercar approved production plans and moved to a facility that is capable of producing 50,000 cars annually. It is clear that the company means business and with the coupé’s production being imminent, it shows that they are rather serious about this roadster version.

The power plant is expected to remain the same; two electric motors powering both the front- and rear axle produce a combined output of 408 hp and 680 Nm of torque. Nothing has been released about pricing so far, although last year the company gave an indication of what the coupé is supposed to cost. 700,000 Yuan was the anticipated price tag on the Qiantu K50, which converts to an approximate amount of €105,000.

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