Californian tuning firm Misha Designs show off their latest tuning kit in the form of a Satin Black Ferrari 458 Italia. This isn’t the first custom bodykit Misha Designs have designed to fit the 458 Italia, last year the tuner unveiled a limited edition 458 widebody kit at the SEMA show in California.

Misha Design Ferrari 458 Italia (4)

This “regular” 458 bodykit is made to fit the regular 458 without having to do any further modifications. Part of the new bodykit are a new hood, front bumper, fenders, side skirts, rear bumper and a rear spoiler, all made out of carbon fiber and ready to directly replace the Ferrari stock body parts and panels. Furthermore the Misha Designs 458 bodykit is said to work with both stock wheels and aftermarket wheels.

In the gallery below we can see the Italian supercar show off its new jacket for the first time, installed on a Euro spec Ferrari 458 Italia. Misha Designs have hired wrapping firm “ImpressiveWrap” to wrap the new bodykit in Avery Satin Pearl Nero with red accents to match the Savini 21-inch Directional SV62 wheels, that are finished in brush red.

If you fancy buying this car in particular, it’s currently for sale at EuroCar OC.

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