Zenvo have returned to the Geneva Motor Show 2016. This year they show an evolution of the Zenvo ST1, a car which first emerged in 2009. The Zenvo TS1 gets more power and a limited edition, 15 car run. We took a closer look a the car on display in Geneva.

The Zenvo TS1 comes with a 5.9 litre twin supercharged V8 engine producing slightly more power than it did previously allowing it to reach speeds of 375 km/h. Zenvo haven’t actually confirmed the official power statistics for the vehicle unfortunately. It gets a 7-speed synchronized paddle shifted gear box with auto mode, and a 7-speed race inspired paddle shifted gearbox with dog-engagement.

The front splitter, rear wing and rear diffuser have all been redesigned. There is a new vertical wing in the intercooler inlet and modifications have all been made to the rear bumper and the exhaust system. The work on the engine has been taken care of in-house and larger ceramic brakes have been fitted.

Inside, the TS1 receives a completely new interior including the seats, dashboard and centre console. Interior finishing options range from leather, alcantara, carbon fibre and aluminium. Ultimately, the owner gets a fully choice of customisation.

Geneva Motor Show 2016

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