We’ve become used to seeing some pretty crazy French supercars at major motor shows over the years. The DS Automobile car for the Geneva Motor Show 2016 is up there with the best of them; the DS E-Tense Concept. It is an all-electric sportscar, intended to raise the profile of the brand and turn heads at the biggest event of the year. We took a closer look at the show car.

At its core, the DS E-Tense Concept features a 402hp all-electric engine that produces 516Nm of torque. Details are scarce on the powerplant, although DS have revealed that it will manage 310 km between charges and a 100 km/h sprint of just 4.5 seconds. DS Automobiles has likely drawn upon its involvement in the Formula E World Championship and will use a lithium-ion battery.

The two-seater monocoque chassis is manufactured from carbon fibre and equipped with independent double wishbone suspension. The batteries are mounted beneath the floor for a low centre of gravity. The DS E-Tense Concept gets Michelin tyres.

The metallic green ametrine body colour exposes the DS E-Tense Concept silhouette. There is no rear window, instead D fitted a rear view camera. The front and rear lights are LED headlamps that are jewel-like in design. The indicators are integrated into the roof, just like the original DS from 1955. The car gets a chrome central line which runs from front to back.

Geneva Motor Show 2016

Inside, the DS E-Tense Concept’s interior took 800 hours to design, test and produce. The dash is apparently an “upgraded watchstrap style design” for the seats and dashboard. It features plenty of French produce including a leather helmet harness by Moynat, a one-off watch by BRM Chronographes, and 640 watt speakers from Focal.

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