BMW have quite a display here at the Geneva Motor Show 2016. One of their more minor releases is the BMW M2 with BMW M Performance Parts. We recently drove the BMW M2 and we absolutely loved it. The BMW M2 with BMW M Performance Parts adds some extra dynamic flair to the package; all parts are available as optional extras.

The parts are constructed from carbon-fibre reinforced plastic with front, side and rear enhancements. The kit also includes carbon fibre exterior mirror cars, an M-Performance grille for the front and flanks and plenty of BMW M logos in red, blue and light blue.

Options are also available for the BMW M2 powertrain, suspension and brakes. BMW offer an M-Performance flap-controlled silencer system for the exhaust with Sport and Track modes. The bluetooth controlled system features a 80 millimetre tailpipes or optional 93 millimetre carbon fibre pipes with BMW logo.

BMW also offer an M-Performance coiler suspension system reducing the ride height of the car by up to 20 millimetres. The system also features shock absorbers adjustable through 16 rebound and 12 compression settings. Braking is enhanced in the BMW M2 by a new system.

Inside, BMW offer a range of optional extras including M-Performance LED door sill strops, M-Performance floor mats, Stainless Steel pedal covers, Alcantara steering wheels and a carbon fibre interior kit. The later includes trim parts of the gear selector, centre console and handbrake lever.

Geneva Motor Show 2016

For full details on everything BMW has to offer here at the Geneva Motor Show 2016, take a look at our dedicated news channel by clicking through to the above link.

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