The Pagani Huayra BC has now been made official ahead of its official unveil at the Geneva Motor Show 2016 next month. The long awaited “hot” version of the Pagani Huayra has been named after the first Pagani customer, Benny Caiola. It is the most technologically advanced Huayra yet, with a renewed focus on performance.

The Huayra BC retains the V12 Bi-Turbo Mercedes-AMG engine, power has been increased to more than 750 horsepower, and CARB and EU6 approval obtained. There is a new sports exhaust with a low pressure muffler. The exhaust is constructed from various metals including titanium, it is lighter and louder than the outgoing model.

Pagani have also fitted a new 7-speed AMT (Automated Manual Transmission) developed from scratch and manufactured by Xtrac. It features a new electro-hydraulic actuation system, new carbon fibre synchronizers and a revised clutch control program. The Pagani Huayra BC also features a brand new electronic active differential which helps the Huayra adapt to demanding driving conditions.

The gearbox and the differential sit 40% lower compared to the outgoing transmission which helps reduce the centre of gravity. All new tripod axle drive shafts, derived from the racing world are fitted to the Huayra BC. The BC gets a bespoke suspension system which is said to be the lightest and most effective ever applied to a road going performance vehicle.

The suspension components are constructed from Hi-Forg, a lightweight aeronautic aluminium alloy, allowing for a 25% weight saving. The uprights also receive a complete redesign. Brembo have developed a bespoke carbon-ceramic braking system for the Huayra BC with new callipers, all designed to offer a significantly reduced unsprung weight. The car will run Pirelli P Zero Corsa tyres in 255/30ZR20 and 355/25ZR21 sizes. Smaller wheels cane be offered for track-focused cars with 19 inch front wheels and 20 inch rear wheels.

Work has been carried out on the Bosch ESP system. A third “track” mode has been added to the Huayra BC alongside the existing “comfort” and “sport” modes. Track mode optimises the performance and dynamic characteristics of the car for use on track.

The Huayra has always led on aerodynamics. The Huayra BC pushes the envelope even further incorporating active aerodynamics. Air speed has been increased for all ducts and inlets whilst maintaining effective cooling. Every panel of the Pagani Huayra BC has been completely redesigned and except for the roof. As you can see from the photo there is a massive rear wing and a deeper front splitter. The side skirts are completely redesigned and new air vents has been added at the side. Despite the huge rear wing, the rear diffuser is the most dominant feature at the back!

The interior is a work of art. The electric parking brake replaces the previous mechanical one, there are new seats and black anthracite colouring applied to the accents. The interior surfaces are finished in suede leather in grey and red with carbon fibre accents. We suspect that owners will be allowed virtually endless customisation.

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