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Bentley Continental GT Wagon Wildly Imagined

Bentley Continental GT Wagon

Renderings allow automotive enthusiasts and designers to imagine cars that manufacturers have not yet considered building. If ten years ago anyone had said Ferrari would have built a four wheel drive, four seats car with a hatch back and V12, many would have laughed, but now we have the success story that is the FF.

Here we have a very cool rendering of what Bentley could produce if they ever considered building a wagon to compete with the FF and we think it is super cool with its low stance and sweeping lines. It may seem to ridiculous to think Bentley would build such a car, but considering the buzz around the Bentayga, we might see the Bentley Continental GT Wagon being unveiled soon!

By Rain Prisk Design


  1. Im sure there was a shooting brake bentley made by an American company some time ago with an electrically opening boot/tailgate

  2. Sorry incorrect..built by touring superleggera with betwewn 550-620bhp 4wd. Built on continental convertable chassis..apparently 19 were to be made but one was for in a west london showroom a while back..check piston heads..because its made by touring definitely a collectors car for sure like it!


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