With simple white paint and relatively restrained designs, most superyachts look very similar to each other. As with the automotive industry however, there are a number of boats out there with designs so aggressive and out of this world that they really require a double-take to properly absorb. The following is one of them.

While only a concept and dubbed the Kraken, it has been designed by Gray Design and inspired by the company’s proposed hypercar, the Vapour GT. As evidenced by the pictures, the Gray Design Kraken looks unlike any other superyacht before it and would certainly capture the attention of owners of the world’s largest, most expensive and exclusive superyachts.


Despite its streamlined appearance, the Kraken actually has four decks each of which offers some level of inside accommodation. The Kraken is a catamaran and the front is characterised by a central point and a small wooden outdoor living space. Also found on the boat is an impossibly steeply raked windscreen and a beach club at the rear.

It remains to be seen if the Kraken will ever see the light of day but if it does, it could certainly become one of the world’s most outlandish vessels.

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