Just a few days ago, we brought you the eye-opening footage of a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster going off-roading in the Middle East. Now we’ve stumbled upon this clip showing another Italian supercar, this time a Lamborghini Huracan, testing out its off-roading ability on some sand.

From the video itself, it’s impossible to say just where it was filmed. However, given that it has been uploaded by the same YouTube user as the Aventador Roadster clip which was filmed somewhere in the Middle East, it is likely that this stunt was also filmed there.

While seeing a Huracan doing donuts on the sand may look cool, it isn’t good for the car. Not only could all the sand massively scratch the bright green paint work but it could also clog up some of the air intakes, get stuck in the brakes and all up leave this Huracan in desperate need of a thorough wash and detail.

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