On the back of news that Dodge is planning to scrap the Viper in 2017, Theophilus Chin has decided to render a Dodge Viper sedan.

Of course, it is virtually impossible that the American marque will ever develop and ultimately producer a Viper sedan. Nevertheless, Theo has dreamt up the car as a successor to the Viper as well as a replacement to the Dodge Charger.

Dodge Viper sedan rear

In creating the rendering, two additional doors have obviously been added to the otherwise tweaked Viper exterior. The nose has been slightly raised and the bonnet seems shorter and more bloated.

What do you think of the car?

VIATheophilus Chin
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  1. Now, the Viper’s in my top 5. Seeing it leave us again is automotively depressing as you can imagine from a fan like me. But this? Really? It’s like if a Tesla Model S paired with a Dodge Neon with birth defects. The back’s alright, but the hood made the car and they bloated it, thus ruining the serpentine-spirit. This rendering would look more interesting if it wasn’t a hatch.

    RIP Dodge Viper
    Beloved Sports Car, Eternally Badass


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