Toyota has confirmed that next year, it will unveil a concept car previewing the spiritual successor to the iconic Toyota Supra.

While speaking at the Tokyo Motor Show, the company’s chief engineer for sports vehicle management Tetsuya Tada revealed that the new Supra will bring with it a selection of advanced and surprising technologies.

“There are so many high-end sport cars available in the world with 700 horsepower or more [that are] not so special anymore. So we try to realise something new and a new surprise for customers. Nobody will expect or imagine the new technology. Of course we are now investigating some new technology, a sequential gearbox.”

Importantly, the new Supra won’t be a Lamborghini or Ferrari-rivalling supercar and will instead act as the bigger brother to the GT86 and rival the Porsche 911. Specifications about the new Supra have yet to be released but according to previous reports, it could make use of a turbocharged hybrid six-cylinder engine delivering in excess of 460 hp, making for the perfect rival to the updated and turbocharged 911.

From a styling standpoint, the car is expected to draw on the bold FT-1 concept and importantly to enthusiasts, could revive the Supra name.

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