Vorsteiner Previews V-FF 105 and 106 Wheels Before SEMA 2015

Ahead of SEMA 2015, American tuning company and wheel specialist Vorsteiner has previewed its upcoming V-FF 105 and V-FF 106 wheels. They have been added to the Flow Forged series and join the V-FF 101, V-FF 102, V-FF 103 and V-FF 104.

While only short, the following video provides us a look at the new design of the V-FF 105 and V-FF 106 wheels. The first of the new duo has been displayed here in a polished silver finish and features an aggressive twin five-spoke design making for an incredibly menacing look. As for the second new set, they have been displayed in black and silver and also have a twin five-spoke design yet are easily distinguishable from the other Flow Forged series wheels.

The Flow Forged series of wheels is special for Vorsteiner has the wheels are constructed through the company’s flow forging technology which promises to deliver a stronger and more durable product with the use of fewer materials. In creating the wheels, a casting of the wheel is placed onto the steel rim which is then shaped with three individual rollers operating under high temperature and pressure.

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