Unique Ferrari Enzo ZXX Returns to Canada

It’s finally back! After nearly a year of secrecy, the Ferrari Enzo ZXX has returned to its home at ZR Auto in Calgary, Canada.

The world’s only street-legal Ferrari FXX, built by Edo Competition, had a brand new motor 6.4L motor installed to give it the power and aggressive drive owner Zahir Rana has been dreaming of.

“The car wasn’t perfect when I got it back the first time,” Rana said. “I want my car to be one that I can drive and enjoy every day. Now it’s perfect. It’s better than I imagined!”

Pushing over 900 hp, the ZXX has finally been unleashed back onto the streets of Calgary where it belongs. The unfortunate part is that its arrival is at the tail end of driving season. With snowfall expected in the coming days, Rana has already taken it out into the mountains for some spirited driving.


We’re excited to see the car back in at home where it belongs. Next summer we can expect to see it out and about a lot, as the car is no garage queen. Immediately following its return to ZR Auto, the team wrapped the car in Suntek paint protection film to protect the paint. Not only does Rana drive his ZXX, he drives it hard!



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