The R36-generation Nissan GT-R is still believed to be a couple years from its debut but we already know it will use a hybrid powertrain. While speaking with Top Gear recently, the Japanese marque extended on this by revealing than in the future, an all-electric GT-R could become a reality.

According to the company’s European electric vehicle director Gareth Dunsmore, the company wouldn’t be able to create an all-electric GT-R at the moment but could certainly do so in the relatively near future.

“The rate of change over the last five years has been phenomenal. We can’t build an electric GT-R today. But do I want to? I’d love to. Will we be able to do that in the future? I can’t see a technical reason why we wouldn’t be able to implement electric vehicle technology in something like a performance vehicle,” Dunsmore said.

Nissan already has quite a lot of experience with electric technologies most predominantly with the electric-powered Leaf hatchback. Its ZEOD RC endurance racer is also capable of running solely on electric power.

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