A 2015 BMW i8 absolutely destroyed by fire is currently up for sale in Nashville in the United States for $13,000.

It is reported that the German hybrid sports car caught fire due to a short in the headlight wiring of the driver’s side. Evidently, that relatively minor electrical issue resulted in almost every component of the car being absolutely destroyed by the resulting inferno.

As evidenced by the pictures, the car is irreparable and it seems as though only a small number of parts will be salvageable. The engine and transmission are available for $9000 but it remains unclear whether or not they’re functioning as normal or if they too were badly damaged in the fire. The seller of the vehicle clams that the carbon fibre monocoque has been untouched which if true, would largely account for the asking price.

From the front, the car is barely distinguishable as an i8 with the fascia missing as well as the bonnet. Meanwhile, the windscreen and side windows are no more while every single body panel has melted or been severely scorched.

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