Ever since launching, the R35-generation Nissan GT-R has quickly become one of the most popular cars to modify from the world’s leading tuning marques. When customised to its limits, the Japanese sports car can exceed the 2000 hp mark and sprint down the quarter mile in the seven second range.

This particular GT-R comes courtesy of T1 Race Development and has been fitted with a set of Forced Performance HTZ4504 turbochargers as well as aftermarket heads. Its engine has also been increased from 3.8-litres to 4.0-litres and pumps out a total of 2100 hp.

Certainly amongst the most interesting features of this particular GT-R is the fact that it features exceptionally short exhausts which actually exit straight from the bonnet. Under heavy acceleration, the combustion gases escaping this insanely short exhaust pipes spit ferocious flames and creating an addictive roar.

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