The Red Bull Racing Formula One team is seriously considering ditching its current Renault-supplied engines and could use Ferrari engines in the future.

While Mercedes powered F1 cars are leading the current Formula One field, a deal between the German automaker and Red Bull Racing is unlikely to materialise despite talks having taken place. The main reason why Mercedes is unlikely to supply Red Bull with its engines is because the engine supplier has no interest in providing engines to its factory team’s main rival.

Ferrari team principal Maurizio Arrivabene has welcomed the idea of the Italian marque providing engines to Red Bull in the future, despite the potential of RBR directly rivalling the Ferrari squad.

“In theory they have big names, with Newey as chief designer and it is easy to think that if you give them the engine they will build a scary chassis, which means they will be really competitive. Concerning my team, my engineers and aerodynamicists know their own jobs. For that reason I don’t have a problem, and competition is nice when you have a stronger competitor.

“This doesn’t mean tomorrow morning we will give our engines to Red Bull or Toro Rosso. But I don’t see any kind of problem to give our engine to any other team or be scared of the competition before they start. This is not the right spirit of competition or what Ferrari represents. We fight with everybody,” Arrivabene confirmed.


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