Insane Widebody Lamborghini Huracan by GWA

Widebody GWA Lamborghini Huracan

Not long after the world’s first widebody Liberty Walk Lamborghini Huracan was revealed, Miami-based tuner GWA has unveiled its widebody Huracan and it is even more insane than the first example.

GWA Lamborghini Huracan1

Evidently, it has been installed with an aggressive bodykit created in-house by GWA. The kit consists of flared front and rear wing arches alongside extended side skirts and a prominent ducktail-esque rear lip spoiler. Additionally, a completely modified rear fascia has been fitted complete with a new diffuser and bumper. Meanwhile at the front, there is a new bumper as well as two small splitters extending out from each air intake.

GWA Lamborghini Huracan2

Alongside the bodykit, the car has been fitted with a set of unique gold aftermarket wheels unlike any other we’ve seen before. They feature a very intriguing rim and spoke design and certainly add to the unique personality of this Huracan.



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