Let’s face it, is there anything cooler than a matte black Lamborghini? This first generation Lamborghini Gallardo certainly looks deadly, and its presence is unmatched. Modified by ZR Auto in Canada, this formerly stock Gallardo is far from ordinary.

In addition to its matte black wrap, the ZR team painted both the brake calipers and engine plenum red, tinted the headlights and taillights and gave the car some nifty laser jammers from AL Priority. A Superleggera style carbon wing was also added for some additional flare alongside a set of gloss black ADV.1 wheels.

To compliment the evil looks, a Capristo exhaust setup with test pipes was installed, along with an ECU tune from ECU Tuning Group.

We have a feeling the owner is going to be getting a lot of attention in his newly modified ride!

PHOTOGRAPHY BYMatthew Hayhurst
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