A stunning 2014 Koenigsegg Agera R is currently up for sale for $2.29 million from British Motor Exotics in San Francisco. One of just a few Koenigseggs residing in the United States, this Agera R certainly presents an interesting buying opportunity for enthusiasts of the Swedish brand.

Certainly the most eye-catching element of this Agera R is its tinted blue carbon fibre exterior finish and a number of naked carbon fibre accents. Koenigsegg is one of just a couple of automakers offering tinted carbon fibre finishes and it really shimmers under the sun in a way no paint could match.

Elsewhere, this Koenigsegg Agera R features a set of the marque’s extremely desirable carbon fibre wheels. The white rear diffuser is another interesting element. Inside, the blue and white theme is continued with bright blue and white leather components featuring alongside some matte carbon fibre and aluminium components.

Impressively, this Agera R has travelled less than 1000 km so is essentially brand new. Importantly, it is only available for export as it is not a U.S-spec model.

VIABritish Motor Exotics
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  1. Why can’t a US buyer have it exported to the Koenigsegg factory and have it converted to US spec and then re-imported back to the US? Granted it would be pricey to do so but if you afford a 2.29M car that’s probably not an issue. Maybe at the same time they could change that interior.


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