It has emerged that a number of exclusive Brabus-tuned Mercedes S-Class models were destroyed in the Tianjin explosions in China.

While it isn’t known just how many examples of the modified German super sedan were destroyed in the blasts, these images reveal that there were at least a handful utterly wrecked as a result of the explosions and the proceeding fires.

As with most other cars damaged in the explosions, the Brabus S-Classes are barely recognisable and are nothing but burnt out shells, so intense were the detonations. The true identity of one example is given away by its golden Brabus wheels and gold brake calipers.

Compared to the numbers of cars lost by other manufacturers, Brabus escaped the Tianjin explosions fairly lightly. As a matter of fact, it is believed that the Jaguar Land Rover experienced the largest losses with approximately 5800 vehicles from the conglomerate being damaged or destroyed in the disaster.

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