Lexus Explains the Tech Behind Its Hoverboard

After unveiling its futuristic hoverboard earlier in the month to much fan-fare, Lexus has just released a video detailing the science behind it. For those that were left stunned and scratching their heads at the hoverboard’s official launch, this video is well worth a watch.

To create the hoverboard, Lexus teamed up with German scientists from evico GmbH and IFW Dresden who specialise in magnetic levitation technology. The board manages to hover a couple inches off the ground thanks to the superconductors found within the board itself as well as the magnets found beneath this specially-designed skate park in Spain.

Superconductors within the hoverboard are cooled down to 197 degrees Celsius thanks to liquid nitrogen. The science behind the technology is unsurprisingly incredibly advanced but with some practice, the board really can be ridden just like a regular skateboard.


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