Video: Lamborghini Aventador Sounds Insane With Race Exhaust!

Lamborghini Aventador race exhaust

Every single Lamborghini Aventador produced by the Italian automaker sounds absolutely incredible. After all, the Aventador is one of the last great supercars to feature a screaming, naturally-aspirated V12 engine which displaces an impressive 6.5-litres. Well aware of the fact that many Aventador owners are never satisfied with ‘standard’ models, Lamborghini offers a range of exhaust options for its range-topping model.


Of these options, the Race exhaust is the most extreme. While it doesn’t seem to be optioned by Aventador owners all that frequently, the following video perfectly showcases just how incredible it sounds.

It amplifies the Italian supercar’s exhaust note seemingly tenfold. Consequently, any slight stab of the throttle produces an addictive concerto while each gear change results in the exhaust crackling and popping in a way a standard Aventador could only ever dream of matching!



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