McLaren 12C crashes at 240 km/h

A McLaren 12C has been absolutely destroyed in a high speeds crash on the German Autobahn.

According to local police reports, the British supercar was being driven at 240 km/h before the 71-year-old make driver lost control.

The 12C then slammed into the guardrail running along the Autobahn and ended up damaging the protective barrier in no less than 26 different spots. The 12C was travelling so fast that debris from the crash was spread across a 400 metre section of road. This section of the highway was also closed for two and a half hours for the car and all the strewn pieces of bodywork to be removed.

Despite the horrendous condition that the crash left the McLaren 12C in, the driver managed to incredibly walk away from the crash. That largely comes down to the fact that the lightweight and exceptionally strong carbon fibre MonoCell monocoque remained relatively undamaged.

[Via Bild]

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