Daimler developing household and business battery packs

Not long after Tesla unveiled its range of batteries for households and businesses, Daimler has emerged as the latest automaker looking to extend its electric technology to houses and businesses around the world.

A division of Daimler, dubbed ACCUmotive, is in charge of the project after its initial formation in 2009. Daimler tasked ACCUmotive with the development of advanced lithium-ion batteries and recently, the German marque rolled out a battery powered energy storage system to help support Germany’s Saxony Kemenz power grid. The system incorporates 96 lithium-ion modules resulting in 500 kilowatt hours of storage. That however, could be expanded to 3000 kWh.

Expanding on this, Daimler and ACCUmotive are tipped to bring similar lithium-ion battery packs to houses and businesses in sizes varying between 2.5 kWh and 5.9 kWh. It is also suggested that multiple packs can be combined to increase capacity.

Discussing the future plans and storage systems, Mercedes-Benz Cars head of electrics/electronic development and E-Drive Harald Kroger said “Mercedes-Benz energy storage systems are the best proof that lithium-ion batteries made in Germany are a model for the future, and not just in cars. With our comprehensive battery knowhow at Deutsche ACCUmotive, we can accelerate the energy revolution both on the road and in the power of businesses and households.

“What we have already proven over millions of kilometres travelled in the most adverse conditions, such as heat and cold and rain and snow, we bring to create the best technology for stationary use. Daimler and its subsidiaries have been working on repurposing its zero-emissions road-car technologies for industrial and household purposes since 2012,” Kroger said.

[Via Motoring]


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