Porsche Classic 911 dashboard revealed

Porsche Classic has just announced that it will begin reproducing classic 911 dashboards from 1969 through to 1975. The new dashboards follow on from the navigation systems revealed by Porsche Classic earlier in the year.

The classic dashboard itself combines modern quality with the original design of the 1969-75 Porsche 911s. As such, it features expertly crafted leather as well as the classic loudspeaker cover which can only be installed with the windscreen removed.

The ‘new’ 911 dashboards have been created as some 40+ years after being produced, many 911s of this era are suffering from deterioration and the dashboards often sustain much of the wear and tear. Additionally, the new Porsche Classic dashboards feature more advanced and high quality materials and should therefore hold up over time even better.

Interestingly, the dashboard will only set customers back a little over 950 euros.

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