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Remember a shortfilm which we have already teased a couple times on our site? We got to interview the director and producer to know what has this project been like when bringing it to life. But not only did we interview them; since day one we had talked about a GTspirit exclusive release of the trailer, we went on into shooting behind the scenes and at the end we have got the privilege of being the ones to announce Driven By Desire Film to the public.

It was an amazing experience for us to be part of the filming process (we may have interrupted a couple scenes drifting the cars in the back… sorry, not sorry!) and to be the exclusive media covering the launch as well as having the only behind the scenes photoshoot available. The sound of the cars going full throttle around the track was unbelievably amazing, but not close to watching them race for real on closed public roads in the middle of no man’s land in México. We even recorded a couple videos of people messing up the start, or missing the apex while going pedal to the metal on the cars. That’s something we’ll share on our Driven by Desire Film BTS special later on!

On interview with Director Fernando Madero we got an insight into what the project is about:

“Driven by Desire is a milestone in my professional career, when I first started talking to my partner Andrés Alonso, the whole thing started as a “track day shoot”; I was still living in Vancouver where I studied film production, Andres was living in Puebla and we would have Skype meetings to discuss the project.
As we started getting more invested, it started growing like a snowball, we decided to do an actual short film with first class cinematic values, so after talking ideas for several weeks, I wrote the script, moved back to México and started working with Andrés to make this happen.

“The project had its rough turns, it was close to falling down during the pre-production stage, 2 days before principal photography two of our hero cars canceled, first day of production one of our main locations dropped, we got rained 2 days straight in a desert where it rains 4 days out of the year… and I could keep going, it was truly a challenge but we pulled through. This was the first project of its class to be shot in México and we wanted to come up with something appealing for all audiences yet staying true to the whole purpose of the film, which was to make something that the motorsport community would truly appreciate,” Madero said.

Gallardo rear Driven by Desire

“As a director this was a dream project, I always loved cars, racing and anything that had to do with speed so it was truly an opportunity to combine my passion for racing with film. Since this was not a commercial project we had the liberty to create a project with no guidelines, passion driven,” with the soul purpose of getting into the best film festivals in the world. Thanks to our sponsors and an amazing crew we could make this project happen, we are really excited to see the outcome and I couldn’t be more grateful.”

“In the producer’s words, Andrés Alonso, Driven by Desire is not meant to be just another supercar story, it is about passion and the thrill of driving. For me, it is a step into a new Mexican shortfilm industry, where we get to see another side of the story… the contrast between the desert and the cars, a high quality film material, and a concept that is meant to go on international film festivals before being enjoyed publicly. This is no ordinary shortfilm.”

“Everything from the team working with us to the exact routes we selected personally and let nothing to destiny, although having some unexpected situations, I believe we gave all of our best in Driven by Desire. I am very grateful with each and every one who made this possible and I think I can speak for all of them when I say we’re very satisfied with the outcome. As a car enthusiast myself, it was an amazing experience going from the original idea through the whole process of creating what Driven by Desire is now.

Lambos Driven by Desire

And at the end, we feel the phrase that perfectly summarizes Driven by Desire film is “It is a collection of love, power, sounds and sights of all of what drives us mad about life, presented in the most beautiful way possible”, one of the very fist things Andrés told us when this project was just a mere idea.


Please enjoy the trailer and share with us your opinion on the comments section below, would you take a guess on how it ends?


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