After months of rumours, speculation and spy shots, Porsche have taken the wraps off the latest addition to its GT family, meet the Porsche Cayman GT4 which it set to premiere at the Geneva Motor Show 2015. As the name suggests, the Cayman GT4 is a hardened, lighter and faster Cayman that shares many components with the superb 991 911 GT3. In its press release (see below), Porsche are keen to highlight that the Cayman GT4 has lapped the north loop of the fearsome Nurburgring in a blistering 7 minutes and 40 seconds, a new market segment benchmark. This is made possible courtesy of Porsches Motorsport department based in Weissach.

The entire car has been refocused with a plethora of improved and enhanced parts that promise to make the GT4 the most sporty Cayman to date. These include improvements to engine, chassis, brakes and aerodynamic components. Porsche insist that the Cayman GT4 still maintains its everyday usability that has been distinct characteristic of every Cayman generation. The Cayman GT4 is powered by a 3.8-litre flat-six that produces 385 horsepower, a power unit that has been derived from the 991 911 Carrera S. Of course as with all other Cayman models the GT4’s engine will be mid-mounted.

Interestingly, and in contrast to the 911 GT3, the Cayman GT4 is only available with a manual transmission. The performance figures of the Cayman GT4 are nothing short of exceptional. 0-100 km/h (60 mph) is dispatched in a brisk 4.4-seconds and it will continue to accelerate to a top speed of 295 km/h (183 mph).

In comparison to other Cayman models the GT4 look significantly re-worked due to its heavily modified aerodynamics. Most obvious of all is the large fixed rear wing that work in conjunction with the inlet openings at the front of the car to produce more downforce than any other Cayman.


Furthermore, Porsche are offering an a range of options for the Cayman GT4 to suit more aggressive driving and use on track. These include PCCB ceramic brakes, carbon fibre reinforced shell seats and an all new and unique “Track Precision app” and Club Sport Package. The interior has also been heavily reworked with sports seats and a new GT4 sport steering wheel.

The Porsche Cayman GT4 will be priced starting at €85,779 (approximately £65,000) and we expect deliveries to start in early 2016.


New member of the GT family at Porsche

The benchmark in its class: the Porsche Cayman GT4

Stuttgart. The new member of the Porsche GT family is the Cayman GT4. This is the first time Porsche is introducing a GT sports car based on the Cayman which has components of the 911 GT3. A lap time of 7 minutes and 40 seconds on the North Loop of the Nürburgring positions the Cayman GT4 as the new benchmark at the top of its market segment. It also makes a clear statement that Porsche will continue to promote radical two-door sports cars in the future – sports cars that are developed at the Motorsport department in Weissach.

The engine, chassis, brakes and aerodynamic design of the Cayman GT4 are con- figured for maximum driving dynamics; yet the top model still retains the versatility and everyday utility that are typical of the two-seat Porsche coupe. It is powered by a 3.8-litre flat-six engine with 385 hp (283 kW), which is derived from the 911 Carrera S engine. Its power is always transmitted by a six-speed manual gearbox with dynamic gearbox mounts. The Cayman GT4 accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in 4.4 sec- onds; its top speed is 295 km/h. The car’s NEDC fuel consumption is 10.3 l/100 km. The chassis – which features a 30 mm lower body position and a generously sized brake system – consists nearly entirely of components from the 911 GT3.

Fit for the circuit race track: first Porsche Cayman with downforce at both axles
On its exterior, the Cayman GT4 is clearly differentiated from related mid-engine coupes. Three distinctive inlet openings at the front and a large fixed rear wing are part of an aerodynamic package which is systematically designed for downforce. Up-on request, the Cayman GT4 can be equipped even more comprehensively for sporty use. Options include the PCCB ceramic brake system, full shell seats made of carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP), a custom Sport Chrono Package with the unique Track Precision app and a Club Sport Package.
The interior of the Cayman GT4 is designed so that the driver and front passenger can experience unfiltered driving enjoyment. They sit on sport seats, upholstered in a combination of leather and Alcantara, which are distinguished by very good lateral support. The new GT4 sport steering wheel guarantees ideal control and direct steer- ing feedback due to its compact dimensions.

Technical aspects of the new GT sports car are based on the 911 GT3. As a mid- engine sports car and a prime example of driving dynamics in its class – it follows the conceptual tradition of such cars as the 904 GTS, 911 GT1, Carrera GT and 918 Spyder.
GT sports cars from Porsche embody the most passionate connection possible be- tween everyday driving and the race track and thereby the sporty core of the brand: Intelligent Performance. Four out of five drivers of Porsche sports cars with this clas- sification also use them on the race track.

The Cayman GT4 celebrates its world premiere in early March at the Geneva Inter- national Motor Show. It can already be ordered now, and it will arrive at dealers at the end of March. In Germany, the price of the Cayman GT4 is 85,779 euros includ- ing VAT and country-specific features.


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