Honda NSX Type R

Not too long ago we brought you a rendering of how the latest-generation Honda NSX Type R could look. Now an even more extreme rendering has been released courtesy of Virtuel-Car.

Compared to the previous Honda NSX Type R rendering, this one sees the new Japanese supercar outfitted with a selection of bolder elements. Consequently, it features a towering rear wing, a redesigned front splitter, extended side skirts and a new set of sports wheels finished in black with red elements. Additionally, a set of large red brake calipers have been installed.

At the rear, the diffuser and grille area has been redesigned alongside the implementation of an aggressive rear diffuser and a Lamborghini Aventador inspired quad tailpipe setup.

When the original Honda NSX launched in 1990, it was joined by an R variant two years later which adopted revised suspension and a lighter body. If history is anything to go by, that means the new Honda NSX Type R could launch in about two years.

As for the ‘regular’ 2016 Honda NSX, it features a twin-turbocharged double overhead cam V6 engine mated to a nine-speed dual-clutch transmission and joined with no less than three electric motors. One of those electric motors powers the rear wheels while the other two send power to the front wheels to make the 2016 Honda NSX all-wheel drive. Performance specifications have yet to be revealed nor have horsepower and torque ratings.

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