McLaren P1 GTR Production Model to Debut at Geneva

After the McLaren P1 GTR Design Concept debuted in August last year, the production-spec McLaren P1 GTR has been confirmed for a reveal at the Geneva Motor Show 2015. Since being first previewed, developmental testing of the P1 GTR has been ongoing across Europe and the Middle East.

The McLaren P1 GTR is built around its lightweight carbon fibre MonoCage chassis from the road-going P1. It weighs a mere 90 kg and consists of the upper and lower structures including the roof, the roof snorkel, engine air intake cavity and the battery and power electronics housing. It is so strong that it meets FIA load requirements for rollover in the GT racing category without necessitating the use of a more traditional roll cage.

The front track has been increased by 80 mm and has been completed with an aggressive front splitter even more pronounced than the road cars. Reprofiled low temperature radiator ducts seamlessly flow into the leading edge of the aggressively flared front wheel arches while the active aerodynamic flaps from the ‘normal’ P1 have been maintained.

McLaren P1 GTR Production Model to Debut at Geneva

Additionally, new race-prepared suspension has been fitted providing a fixed ride height which is lower than the standard car. The wing mirrors have been repositioned onto the A pillars to put them closer to the eye of the driver and reduce aerodynamic drag. Meanwhile, the trailing edge of the door-mounted radiator channels have been extended to draw more air down through the cavity within the door, and into the engine to aid cooling.

Beyond the aerodynamic changes, the McLaren P1 GTR sees a small boost in power with it now delivering 986 hp (1000 ps) compared to the 903 hp of the road car.

When the McLaren P1 GTR officially launches at Geneva, so too will the McLaren P1 GTR Driver Programme.

“Production-intent model to premiere at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show
In excess of 700 PS per tonne power-to-weight ratio achieved through motorsport-derived weight-saving and powertrain optimisation
Testing continues at global circuits in Europe and the Middle East
High definition video shows the latest stages in the McLaren P1™GTR development programme at:
Jan 16, 2015 — The development programme for the most powerful and most exclusive McLaren model to-date has been stepped up over the winter months, with the limited edition McLaren P1™ GTR being put through its paces across Europe and the Middle East. Ahead of the start of production later this year, and the launch of the bespoke Driver Programme, the track-only model will make its global debut in production form at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show in March.

As testing continues, the McLaren P1™ GTR looks set to be one of the fastest to ever wear the famous McLaren ‘speed mark’. Through significant weight-saving measures and track-optimisation of the petrol-electric powertrain, McLaren P1™ GTR will boast a power-to-weight ratio increase in excess of 10 percent over the road-going model, to more than 700 PS per tonne. This has been achieved using motorsport-derived technology and expertise, with the track-only model completing thousands of kilometres of extreme testing at several UK and European locations, as well as a demanding testing schedule in the extreme heats of Bahrain and Qatar, with Chief Test Driver Chris Goodwin at the wheel. These tests have pushed the performance of the car to its limits, and have been designed to further enhance cooling and aerodynamics over the design concept previewed at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in the summer of 2014.

The dedicated development programme will continue at the relentless pace over the coming months to further tune the performance, aerodynamics, driving dynamics and handling balance to ensure the McLaren P1™ GTR lives up to the iconic ‘GTR’ title, made famous by the 24 Hours of Le Mans-winner 20 years ago. In the coming weeks, the McLaren P1™ GTR Driver Programme will get underway, with drivers invited to the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking, UK to start the journey which will see them experience some of the world’s most iconic racing circuits behind the wheel of one of the most extreme limited-run track cars ever built.

The production-intent McLaren P1™ GTR will make its global debut on Stand 1240, Hall 1 at the 85th International Geneva Motor Show.” [/showhide]

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