Rolls Royce Mansory 02 wrapstyle car wrap foil

With a one million dollar plus price tag in some markets, the Rolls-Royce Ghost remains one of the most expensive and luxurious cars available. Aftermarket tuners are never satisfied with the standard cars offered by automakers however, meaning even the Rolls-Royce Ghost is no stranger to aftermarket modifications.

Rolls Royce Mansory 03 wrapstyle car wrap foil

This particular Rolls-Royce Ghost has been tweaked extensively by Mansory and is a true one-off. It features a brown and gold exterior finish complete with matching gold wheels. The key elements painted gold include the front grille, part of the front fascia, bonnet and the A-pillars. Numerous golden accents are also found for the window trims and side skirts.

In the cabin, the brown and gold theme continues with golden gauges, air vents and other fittings while brown and black leather can be found throughout. This particular Rolls-Royce Ghost from Mansory was recently installed with a clear protection coat from WrapStyle.

Rolls Royce Mansory 06 wrapstyle car wrap foil



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