Much has been said about the latest Lamborghini designs, either praising it or criticising as is the case with the Asterion, but when it comes to the most radical designs this brand has a special place within the supercar world. There’s no doubt many will question the path a certain brand follows design wise, but it is undeniable that the new Huracán is as menacing as it gets.

Mention any Ferrari you want, it will never be as bold and striking as a Lamborghini, and that’s something that been occurring since the early Italian supercar era. Is it too much? Or is it just right? That’s something you may have to decide for yourself, but we simply love the lines and angular shapes of this V10 powered monster!

Having seen these images, tell us what your favorite angle of the Huracán is in the comments section below. Would you rather own any other supercar? Share it with your friends and let’s read what they think!

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