Gallery: Dark Blue Porsche Macan by TopCar

Late last year, the first renderings of TopCar’s upcoming tuning kit for the Porsche Macan were released. Then last month, a stunning bright blue Macan brought these changes to life and now another blue Macan has been fitted with the TopCar bodykit.

This particular Macan is finished in a very dark shade of blue and with the extensive visual upgrades, looks extremely aggressive while not looking over-the-top. As the images show, the aerodynamic bodykit is extremely extensive.

It consists of a front bumper, a lower lip splitter, wider two-part front and rear fenders with fender liners. Moving towards the rear, the Porsche Macan by TopCar also gets side skirts, a rear bumper, a rear bumper diffuser and a rear spoiler. Pricing has already been revealed with visible carbon fibre kits costing 18,270 euro and those with primed carbon detailing costing less at 14,620 euro.

Gallery: Dark Blue Porsche Macan by TopCar

All elements of the Porsche Macan bodykit are manufactured using vacuum-formed technology with carbon fiber and kevlar construction. This particular example is also rolling on a set of ADV.1 wheels.

Gallery: Dark Blue Porsche Macan by TopCar

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