One Russian Tesla enthusiast wanted a Model S so bad that he recently personally imported an example before the Californian-based electric automaker begins offering the Model S in Russia.

The man who owns this very special Tesla Model S is entrepreneur Dmitry Grishin. The 35-year-old is the man behind and has over 3000 employees working for him.

Grishin initially ordered his Model S while in Amsterdam last January. He then took delivery of it in May and over the next three weeks, began moving it across the Netherlands and German on the way to the Russian border. At the border, the databases had no record of the Model S existing but once granted permission to enter, Grishin took it upon himself to add the Model S to the databases.

All up, it cost Grishin about $180,000 to personally import his red Tesla Model S.

[Via The Verge]



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