Daimler Increases Stake in Aston Martin

Last year, Aston Martin entered a deal with Mercedes-Benz for the German marque to provide engines and the electronic infrastructures for future Aston models. Now Mercedes-Benz’s parent company Daimler, has increased its stake in the British sports car manufacturer.

As of the July 31 this year, Daimler now owns 5 per cent of Aston Martin. While no official announcement was made, a spokesman said to Car Magazine, “We didn’t make an announcement, but it is true that Daimler increased its stake in Aston Martin to 5% at the end of last month”.

While five per cent may not sound like much considering that prior to this move, Daimler had a 4 per cent state in Aston Martin, the one per cent increase will inject extra funds into the automaker to help ensure its long term future.

[Via Car Magazine]

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