Just after an official rendering of the upcoming McLaren P1 GTR was released, it has been confirmed that the car will make its debut at the upcoming Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance as a design concept. The track-only variant of the thrilling P1 will be displayed privately to P1 buyers on the 15th of August before going on public display at the Concept Lawn over the weekend.

As the image above shows, some serious design and aerodynamic changes are afoot. From what we can see, the McLaren P1 GTR will receive a towering rear wing significantly larger than the road car’s even when it is fully deployed. This new wing will inevitably increase downforce at the rear wheels significantly. Elsewhere, an even more aggressive rear diffuser is featured as are extended circular dual tailpipes sitting flush with the edge of the extended diffuser.

Further changes include new side skirts to again increase downforce. While we can’t see the front, it will inevitably feature a larger front splitter as well as redesigned air intakes.

The P1 GTR will resurrect the iconic GTR name which was first used on the McLaren F1 for its race cars variants which last raced in 2005. McLaren will introduce the new P1 GTR next year to help celebrate the 20th anniversary of the F1 GTR’s iconic victory at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Alongside the engine modifications which will see power rise from 903 hp to at least 986 hp (1000 PS), the McLaren P1 GTR will feature a host of other modifications to make it even more potent than the ‘standard’ car on the track. These will include racing slicks and a widened track. While these modifications will make the P1 GTR illegal for street use, it will make the car an absolute monster on the track.

It is unclear just how many units of the McLaren P1 GTR will be available but only existing P1 customers will be able to purchase one with each coming with a sticker price of 1.98 million euros (about $3.36 million in the U.S). However, this high asking price won’t just include the P1 GTR itself as it will also include a tailored track program including consultations with the McLaren driver fitness team as well as access to the advanced McLaren racing simulators.

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