The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. Like many other AMGs, the SLS is an angry beast that appears and feels more of a muscle car than anything else. Being sat over the rear axle with a seemingly never ending bonnet stretching out in front of you is a surreal feeling but as soon as you stamp on the accelerator pedal this car howls its presence and launches you towards the horizon in a cloud of smoke and noise! It is brutal. As rough and tenacious the car may sound and feel, the aesthetics of the car are an entirely different story. The soft curves and subtle angles look muscular yet supple and then you come to the main event. The sheer drama and act of the gullwing doors that are just a work of art!


For a few, however, the standard SLS does not sound throaty enough. Here we have a video of an Arab owned SLS in Knightsbridge, London, that has been fitted with a brutal Capristo Exhaust system. As can you hear, it sounds incredible!


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