Recently Jon Olsson’s insane Rebellion R2k was displayed at an exhibition in Munich. After we found out and a few phone calls later we were given the unique opportunity to spent some time with it in- and around Munich. We brought along two of our local photographers Tobias Brandl and Philipp Rupprecht and a Bentley Continental GT Speed for a day to remember.

The Rebellion R2k is based on the Ultima GTR but only has very little in common with Jon’s Ultimate GTR we first saw in 2010. In fact only the chassis, windshield and doors remain of the original Ultima GTR. The road-legal racer’s chassis is capable of handling engines up to 1000hp. The total weight of a normal Ultima GTR with 534hp Chevrolet 6.3 liter V8 engine is only 990kg. The Rebellion R2k received a new engine and complete redesign of body, suspension and interior. The Rebellion R2k has a stronger focus on build quality, reliability and drivability besides the aim for sheer performance.

Seeing the Rebellion R2k making its way through traffic in the Bavarian capital is a very special sight. The car is so low that even the slightest bump or dip provides a challenge. The carbon fibre seats also offer very little in terms of damping or comfort. This car is hardcore to the bone!

For a special car we arranged a special location to shoot, a busy railway terminal East of Munich. The sound of its insanely loud exhaust echoed between the containers as we made our way deeper into the terminal. Truck drivers stared as we past them as if they saw water burning. The contrast with the luxurious Bentley Continental GT Speed couldn’t be bigger. The raw racer vs sophisticated luxury, but if you would ask for the more desirable car it is the Rebellion R2k for sure!

The longer we spent with the Rebellion the more respect we get for Jon Olsson who spend an entire Gumball 3000 rally behind the wheel of this beast. Getting in- and out of the cockpit requires the flexibility of a ballet danser and certainly not the size of our chief editor. Once you are in though its not like you are sitting in the car, its like you are wearing it. Inside you will see carbon fibre accompanied with alcantara all around you. The Rebellion R2k is so low you have the feeling your ass is touching the ground. Surrounded by trucks loaded with containers we had the feeling we were about to be part of an action scene in a hollywood movie.

With the years of investment and development in the Rebellion R2k Jon Olsson built himself a truly unique car that, unlike some of the earlier versions, is more reliable, better build and better looking than ever. True to its roots, its still very hardcore and certainly not a daily driver.

The most recent appearance of the Rebellion R2k was one of a special kind: Jon raced the Rebellion R2K up a ski slope in Storlien, Sweden! To help with the grip, the Rebellion R2K was fitted with studded winter tyres measuring 315 mm wide at the rear. In a few weeks we will see the Rebellion R2k in action again at the annual Gumball 3000 rally. This year the celebrity rally goes from Miami to Ibiza with stops in Atlanta, New York, Edinburgh, London, Paris and Barcelona.

Thanks to Jon Olsson for the opportunity!

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