Video: Mexican Rally Maya 2014 Summary

Mexico’s Mayan Riviera is known for its beauty and touristic attractiveness, but when it comes to classic cars it has got a magic sense of going back in time and discovering much more within the mystery of its beauty. The Rally Maya (Mayan Rally, in english) is a completely new approach to the ones that enjoy historical monuments as well as top of the range hotels and riding in gorgeous classics around town.

Leisure, luxury, and an intense sense of nature is what defined this first iteration of Rally Maya; not only amazing classics showed up but some dared to follow the group riding along in exotics and escorting the magnificent 120-plus car caravan to every checkpoint. Supported by FMAAC and of course FIVA, this once in a lifetime adventure promised to be unforgettable and it delivered much more.

But that’s enough talk, head to the videos where you can watch a daily resume of the activities in no more than five minutes each.












Being a total success, Rally Maya is already being prepared for 2015 with many cars and celebrities wanting to subscribe as well as places waiting to be discovered. You may find an exclusive gallery and interesting facts of this year’s rally soon on GTspirit, including the unique Corvette you have already read about, and much more!

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