Hemi Hellcat Powered Dodge Challenger to Have More Power Than Viper

With a slightly revised Dodge Challenger pinned to launch later this year, the range-topping SRT8 model will feature a brand new supercharged Hemi V8 engine currently known as the ‘Hellcat’. This engine will boast some serious performance and could resultantly create in an internal horsepower race within SRT.

While speaking with Hot Rod Magazine, SRT boss Ralph Gilles said, “We have a situation where, you know– we may have a situation–where the flagship car is not the most powerful car in our arsenal. So we have an internal horsepower race as well as an external one.”

While it is known that this new engine will have a supercharger and eight cylinders, it is unknown just how many liters it will displace. Some reports state it will by a 6.2-liter unit while others say it will displace 6.4-liters. However big the engine is, it is expected to arrive with either an eight-speed automatic transmission or a Tremec six-speed manual ‘box. It is obvious which gearbox we would prefer.

The new supercharged V8 has been described as a “last hurrah” for the company before fuel economy standards limit horsepower outputs for American manufacturers. The engine will be built alongside the 5.7-liter and 6.4-liter Hemi V8s currently produced by Chrysler and is expected to produce 640 hp if not a little bit more!

[Via Motor Authority, Image via Autoblog]

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  1. Chrysler needs to make a V10 version of the 6.2 litre Hellcat engine for the Viper. That would not only solve the "out power" issue of the Challenger vs Viper,but obviously reduce fuel consumption of the Viper too because the new V8 engine would be more fuel efficient in the Challenger than the previous one and would carry the quality with a V10 version over the current one used.That would also reduce development cost using the new V8 technology for a new V10.Then production costs can be reduced while quality and fuel economy are improved-discontinue the cast iron Hemi in all Chrysler vehicles and current V10 once production of the new aluminum hemi begins for the Challenger and retrofit the V8 version of those vehicles that use the current Hemi.Those vehicles would also benefit from reduced frontal mass with the aluminum engine too.To figure out what a V10 version of the Hellcat Hemi engine would be:Horsepower and Torque of V8 Divided by 8=horsepower and torque per cylinder multiply times 10= horsepower and torque of Hellcat Hemi V10.

  2. If only these guys knew what would come out of the Hellcat, 707 HP. Then, the 840 HP Demon, 797 HP Redeye, and the Hellaphant 426 Hemi with 1000 HP!!! And return of the T/A, Daytona, and new widbody options. But sadly, the demise of the Viper in August of 2017.


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