Geneva 2014: Nimrod Performance Ferrari 458 Italia Zero

Alongside its insane Aventador and Ferrari 458 Italia Katyusha, Nimrod Performance has brought along the Zero to the Geneva Motor Show 2014. Once again based on the Ferrari 458 Italia, it draws heavily on inspiration from the LaFerrari in its design. Understandably, it caught our eye, so we had to take some pictures of it!

Finished in black with yellow/light orange accents, the Ferrari 458 Italia Zero by Nimrod differs immediately from the red, black and white paint schemes used on its other cars on display. Up front, you’ll again find a completely new nose similar to the LaFerrari’s as well as a new hood almost identical in design to the one found on Ferrari’s 963 hp hybrid hypercar.

New wheels are also featured in the same yellow and black design as the exterior of the car. At the rear, the real inspiration from the LaFerrari becomes most apparent. The Zero features a similar T-shaped rear fascia while ditching the tri-exhaust setup of the standard 458 in favour of a quad design more like the LaFerrari.

Geneva 2014: Nimrod Performance Ferrari 458 Italia Zero

Also featured is a rear fog light at the very base of the rear bumper like the LaFerrari as well as a very strange looking rear diffuser.

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Let us know what you think of the car in the comments box below. For full Geneva Motor Show 2014 coverage, check out our dedicated channel!

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