At the recent Tokyo Auto Salon 2014 earlier this month, Lexus officially unveiled the 2014 Lexus RC F GT500 racing car for the Japan Super GT racing series. When first revealed late last year, the new Lexus GT500 competitor was actually dubbed the LF-CC. However, following the release of the regular Lexus RC F at Detroit, the Japanese manufacturer released the final name for its racing variant.

As these images show, the Lexus RC F GT500 racer can be distinguished from the normal road-going RC F Coupe thanks to its dramatic styling features completely new bodywork, new aerodynamics and a yet unnamed, although predicted to be, brand new powertrain. As a result, the Lexus RC F GT500 actually shares very little in common with the normal RC F. Nothing has been confirmed, but it’s believed the Lexus LF-CC GT500 features a small yet potent 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine!

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