Paul Walker Worldwide Drive: Nairobi Kenya

For those who were fixed on the automotive scene for the past several days, then you are aware of the tragic deaths of Paul Walker and Roger Rodas. In that regard, several ways to pay tribute to the Fast and Furious star alongside his friend Roger Rodas started spreading round the internet, most of them being emotional videos featuring his movie scenes. However, the best one proved to be the Paul Walker Drive.

For starters, Paul Walker Drive was started by a Facebook page going by the same name, their idea was to have a worldwide drive as a tribute to Paul Walker and Roger Rodas. It was scheduled for the 6th of December, from 8pm to 11pm local times. Believe me, with only less than 4 days of planning, more than 30 countries had subscribed. From Africa we had Kenya, (which I attended), South Africa and the Northern Africa region. Europe had the largest subscriptions, followed by the USA, Asia and of course Australia among others.

There is a thing about the automotive world, we are stronger in what we do more-so than any other organisation or religion in the world. The automotive networks doesn’t care about race, religion, location, color or wealth, we love to enjoy what we drive. Our spirit lives in our cars, our passion is what that drives us, literally!

Paul Walker Worldwide Drive: Nairobi Kenya

I attended the one from Kenya, a big thanks to Motor Trader Kenya and Auto Art for making it happen by calling out on their community. The procedure was all the same everywhere, as for Kenya, we were among the first countries to roll out since we are ahead in time (GMT+3); by 8pm the first car; a Limited Edition Subaru WRX STi Type R driven by Amir Mohamed arrived. Following it was a series of Evos ranging from Evo VI to Evo X not to mention several other Subaru WRX STis and Foresters. Basically, import cars were the order of the day, as seen on the actual movies too, and it was similar across the world for the same event.

The Nissan GT-R R34 was the perfect car, some people went as far as wrapping them in blue to signify Paul’s favorite GT-R. Back here in Kenya, our hopes to see one couldn’t be fulfilled as the owner who also happens to be Amir, was still repairing it after a slight accident it suffered during the recent Kiamburing TT hillclimb event.

Paul Walker Worldwide Drive: Nairobi Kenya

The run was really exciting, driving from Total Limuru Rd into Thika Rd and turning back at Ruiru. We then did a run through the city, the convoy was growing bigger as other participants joined along the way. The final showdown took place at a secret location where we revved our machines as a final show of respect for Paul and Roger. It was a perfect event, anyone who took part in it really enjoyed the drive and we will keep doing it anniversary after anniversary. Paul is one of us, he will always be. Rest in Peace Paul Walker…Rest in Peace Roger Rodas…

A big thanks to Francesco Carlo who contributed in editing the photos!



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