The original Juke-R started as a concept. Then Nissan decided to build 20 of them and sell each example for an astounding 450,000 euros. The Russian company Shpilli Villi Engineering liked this idea and thought: We can do this for less and there is a market for it…

The concept is simple. You need to buy a Nissan GT-R or you let SV Engineering do it for you. Bring it to SV Engineering and they build a custom Nissan Juke-R for you! This particarly Juke-R is their first car and you can say that it has some experience. It became famous after the Unlim 500+ in june of this year when it almost defeated a Bugatti Veyron! The Veyron didn’t launch very well and it wasn’t in its ‘Top Speed’ mode so the wing went up but still a very impressive feat. After a crash into a wall the team managed to get the car back in action within a few days! The crash acted as a real life crash test for the car and the driver walked away without a scratch.

The Juke-R features the 3.8 liter V6 engine from the GT-R. Stock between 485 hp or 550 hp, depends what model year. SV Engineering fitted their stage 2 package featuring bigger turbo’s, a better intake system and other exhaust resulting around 850 hp on race fuel. On normal fuel it has around 700 hp. On race fuel in combination with the right tires the Juke-R can do 0-100 in 2.6 seconds. The top speed is estimated to be around 314 km/h on 18 inch wheels which is fast despite the shape of the car. This top speed is reached within one mile and can be increased upgrading the gearbox. Besides the turbo’s, the engine is stock. What leads to the question: When does the gearbox break? According to SV Engineering this gearbox is 2 years old and it still has not given in to the mammoth power. That shows that the GT-R is a very reliable car which can manage a lot more power than it has from the factory.

SV Engineering offers different stages of tuning. Stage 1(550 hp), Stage 2(680 hp), Stage 3(880 hp) and Stage R with 1000+ hp. Each stage features different modifications to strengthen the engine, gearbox and drivetrain. The stages are just examples. SV Engineerings says: ‘Our only limitation, are your limitations.’ The price of Juke-R starts at 98.000 euros. That’s the price when you bring the donor GT-R. When you pay 198.000 euros, SV Engineering arranges it for you. It took SV Engineering two months to build their first Juke-R. A customer car will take at least three months depending on the owners specifications and desires.

Its not only the drivetrain that is impressive, the exterior is the first thing that everyone notices. The Juke is wrapped in matte white and there is a huge splash of colors which starts on the hood and flows to the roof and doors. In combination with a matte black face, the car looks very aggressive! On the other hand the car features funny details like the Disney figure on the hood and several funny stickers. This was all done by StickerDUMP. One of the latest features added to the car are the awesome rims. The Volk Racing TE37 are red but in different light it has a purple/brown touch in it. Only a petrol head would know that the big Brembo brakes with gold callipers means that there is something special under the skin of the Juke.

The interior of the Juke is totally stripped out. SV Engineering fitted a roll cage and sparco seats. So you have the feeling that you are in a race car. The Juke-R features several GT-R components such as the steering wheel, paddles, clocks, computer, switches and gear lever.

The experience we got with the Juke-R was something what we will remember for a long time. The tires were far from new after a recent Gymkhana adventure so traction problems were predicted. The best way to accelerate proper was by turning the traction control off. The result was four spinning wheels up to the 4th gear and whistling turbo’s everywhere. And there is the attention you get. Imagine a quiet Sunday and suddenly this monster drives by. Even in its most mundane mode, everybody will turn their head!

At the moment SV Engineering is building another Juke-R. That one will have a more luxury exterior and interior. Think about less showy and a more finished interior with leather and alcantara. They simply claim they can do everything what the customers wishes, ofcourse this costs more money. And there is more to come. SV Engineering is planning to make a 1,500 hp version, which will probably destroy most of the cars at Unlim 500+. They also want to build a special Gymkhana Juke-R with manual gearbox. While several orders coming in from the U.S and Russia, they want to start a second workshop somewhere in Europe to serve the European customers.

After our experience with the Juke-R it left to hit Crete, Greece for the first Unlim 500+ outside Russia. Because of some technical issues with the gearbox the Juke-R was in rear wheel drive mode during the drag races. After all the team managed to set a 1/4 mile time of 11,695 seconds at 225,7 km/h and 1 mile in 27,27 seconds at 314,96 km/h.

Besides the Juke, SV Engineering is planning to start other projects. An example is an Audi RS1. One thing is clear, we are looking forward to it!

You can follow the Juke-R on Facebook or order your own on their website.

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