The Ferrari 430 Scuderia is a mechanical masterpiece and was a step-up from the standard 430. It is 220lb lighter and is 22hp more powerful bringing the total to 508hp. The numbers only tell half of the story. This car is such an icon not only for raw pace but as an experience as a whole. It is organic and pure.

Yes the Scuderia has the same aids as any other Ferrari but unlike the 599 GTO or the F12 Berlinetta, they are never as intrusive, this car is more about driving than being driven. It was the last Ferrari road car to have a single clutch gearbox, every tug of the wheel mounted paddles would snap the next gear into place with brutal ferocity. All of this before we even come onto the sound of this Italian monster, it is one of the best V8 noises ever, the wailing, howling, roaring and crackling would bring a smile to anyone who ever had the chance to have a go in a Scuderia!

This stunning photo was captured in Monaco by GTspirit photographer, Thom Van Der Noord. Do you think the Scuderia will be an all time great? If not which Ferrari do you think will be more desirable for years to come?



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