Just like the cars us enthusiasts all enjoy, gaming consoles evolve every couple years. The Xbox One, the successor to the Xbox 360, is set to release in slightly more than two weeks away on November 22nd. In the past, every console ranging from Playstation, to the Wii, or Xbox in this case, is launched in conjunction with a featured game. Historically, Xbox has sided with popular Halo franchise, however, that is not the case this time. With a growing racing simulation audience, Microsoft and Turn10, the studio that designs the Forza franchise, has heavily invested in marketing to the racing simulation community.

During E3, one of the largest gaming conventions in the world, Turn10 Studios, impressively, was able to secure one of the two McLaren P1s to have been produced then to display during their presentation.


Back in September, Microsoft approved an ambitious plan to create a zoetrope showing a McLaren P1 driving in the game…using a camera bolted on to a McLaren MP4-12C driven by Tanner Foust.


Earlier today, Forza 5’s official launch video was uploaded to youtube. The video shows a colourful collection of cars ranging from exotic royalties, american muscle, to Japanese import. One of the focus of recent gaming generations has been to create the impurities observed in the real world. From the way the paint shimmers in the light, to the slight variations in the stitching of the leather upholstery, to the differentiation of white between ice capped mountain tops and the white paint on the track, Forza 5 certainly exudes a lot of attention to details comparable to the cars in the game itself.


Can you name all the cars in the trailer? Write them down in the comments below!

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