Joint AMG-Aston Martin 'Too Far'

With the recently confirmed Aston Martin and AMG partnership being finalised, one could have easily imagined the two sports car manufacturers teaming up to create an all-new vehicle. However, according to AMG, that’s going a little bit too far.

Instead, AMG Chairman and CEO Tobias Moers insisted that the partnership won’t really extend beyond the agreed engine and electronic infrastructure sharing between the brands.

2014 Aston Martin Vanquish Volante

“[Cooperating on a new vehicle is] Too far, I think. First of all, we have to finish everything with the [agreement with] Aston Martin – about the contract and everything about the engine and the electronics supply agreement,” he said.

When discussing the particular engines which we can expect to see in future Aston Martins, Moers stated that AMGs brand-new turbocharged V8s are likely candidates but that won’t prevent AMG from also offering Aston Martin use of its bi-turbo V12 engine slightly modified to comply with ever harsher emission regulations.

Moers then went onto contradict previous reports by suggesting that even though Aston Martin will utilise AMGs engines, it may be given free rein to make them more powerful depending on Aston’s preferences.

“I don’t know [whether Aston would always have lower outputs].

I think it depends on their car. Maybe there’s no need for [a horsepower gap] if their car [is in a non-competing segment]…

“If there is something very exclusive on the market from Aston Martin priced at Euro 200,000 or more, maybe then why not more horsepower than us… Why not?”

“If they do [want to build a Zonda]… then it’s a different story. But as it is Aston Martin [cars], driving performance-wise, driving dynamics wise – it’s not on the level of an SLS. And I think they want not to be there, because they are more a luxury brand. A good brand, a strong brand, no doubt, but they’re not really focusing on that driving performance and driving dynamics. It’s [Aston’s line-up] more in competitive set to an SL,” he concluded.

[Via Car Sales]


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